Cutting Edge Capital Animation

This is an animation I worked on last year. I created almost all the illustrations in the video. you can see a few still images on my site.  

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Yumby Smash app

Rocket through 90 diabolically fun levels filled with monsters & traps. Use your special powers to blast through blocks and defeat enemies. Create your own levels and play them with friends! This is a new game app I just finished for Playgearz, it’s now in the app store. I created the game art, background, tiles […]

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Yumby Toss, new ios game!

Yumby Toss

Like to break things and toss cute and helpless creatures?? Yumby Toss is the game for you!

Yumby Toss is a new ios app i worked on that will be launching soon. I worked on the game art, UI art and character designs(based on the character concepts by Steve Hoffman, the producer of the game).  The game is published by Playgearz. Super fun game :-D. 

 I will post again with the actual app purchase link once the game is officially in the app store.

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I Luv Drawing Animals iPad app

I Luv Drawing Animals iPad app is now in store. Actually it has been out for a while I’ve only now gotten around to posting this. If your kids like to draw they will like this app. Through easy step by step instructions kids learn to draw simple animals. Link through the company: Incidentally […]

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Catch Me If You Can! iphone game

Catch Me If You Can! is the latest iphone game I worked on. It’s created by Tiny Watt Games, It’s a series of apps designed to help school-aged kids practice and learn Mandarin Chinese.  This is the a series and will have different contents available for different levels. Tiny Watt Games came up with the […]

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Save Paris!

iphone game, Save Paris!, now in itune store

The iphone game we worked on, Save Paris, is now in iTunes store. Here’s the blurbs from the game company, The First Travel Adventure Game About about France and Paris for iPhone / iPod Touch /iPad We are calling all agents –  planning a trip to France, learning French or looking for a great travel game app […]

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softpill roomsbyyou pillow

more pillows!

I was playing with RoomsByYou create your own products engine and came up with some cute designs. I thought I’d post them. Last year I created some designs for them for their baby rooms, you can see the pix below. Pretty soon I should have some new designs for their kids/teen rooms. In the meantime […]

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softpill sketch 002

random sketches

So sometimes when you’re watching a so-so TV show or talking on the phone or sitting in the cafe when you’re supposed to be doing your tax but you really don’t feel like it so you get out your sketch pad to do a “procrastination” sketch…? These are some of those sketches… I’m quite partial […]

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Migrating from blogger

I’ve migrated from blogger to wordpress.. in an attemp to make the blog more mobiles-friendly. I’m liking, it really has nice features.

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My art on

I worked on some fabric designs for a while ago. A site specialized in custom-printed baby nursery furnishings. The site has finally gone live. Anyone in the market for baby products should check out the site. Those who’re not should check out the 3d room feature–click on the top left tab. It’s fun and […]

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Manga Sticker Pack is out!

Finally the Manga Sticker Pack is out! One of the store it’s available at is Staples, according to the client. to check out more images from the sticker pack click here. link. (scroll thru the slide show you’ll see them!)

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Preview of My Comic at WonderCon Artist Alley

I will be at Wondercon this weekend at the artist alley. A preview chapter of my comic will be available.. finally it’s done! Here are some sample pages… It’s called Ecognomes, about a girl who travels to the magic world and meets different creatures.. It’s a comic book for kids. Prob. 1st to 3rd grade.. […]

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